METRAC stands as medium-size and owner-managed company for reliability, market orientation and professional expertise.

We are your partner in the business segments of:

  • mineral fertilisers
  • de-icing salt

Our goal is a closer connection with our clients.

Because of our lage logitical network, we can assure a smooth and prompt transportation.

In the segment mineral fertilisers we are able to offer the entire product range of the german industry.

Furthermore we are a strong partner in importing nitrate-, phosphate-, potash- and complex fertilisers.

Especially with the proudcers of the GRUPA AZOTY in Poland we have been working intensively and closely.

Therefore we have the ideal prerequisite for the regional and national supply of our agricultural clients.

Since the beginning our steady costumer base are the agricultural dealers. Due to a change of structure we have been working more intensive with the farmers and processors.

We are standing as well for a secure supply of de-icing salt and are reliable partner for Autobahn and street authorities, cities and communities, commercial users and users.

Stabile supply relationships with producers in Germany and Poland is our strength.

Our salt complies with the german regulations concerning the quality, which we can deliver salt in bulk in tipping trucks, walking floor and silo-trucks or in bags ( 25kg, 50kg, 500kg 1000kg).


In addition we are in position to offer NaCl and MgCl-brine in different kinds of concentrations. Evaporated salt in bulk, bags or in form of tablets are to find in our product-line as well as MgCl- and CaCl-flakes.

YOUR advantages:

  • the know-how and knowledge of our young and highly motivated team is daily reliable and kompetent there for you
  • Our high flexibility makes it possible to fulfill your desires promptly
  • Quality- and just in time deliveries are the focus of our trades
  • Because of the continuous observation and know-how we are able to support with professional advice our clients with their purchasing decisions
  • With our strategically located storages we can deliver even in peak-times
  • We can offer financing options for purchasing your ressources

Continuous qualification of our employees is very important to us:

  • We are an accredited company that takes on trainees
  • Most of our employees were trained in our company
  • For further qualifications we are using external schools and „Burg Warberg“ – educational institution for agricultural dealers

Our commitment in organisations:

  • We have been for many years a supporting member of „Agroservice Verband“
  • The work of the „Düngermischer-Verband“ is supported by us
  • We are a member of the „Bundesverband für Agrargewerbliche Wirtschaft“.

We will be on your side with advices and support.

Get in touch with us, get to know us.

We are looking forward to get to know you!